Friday, February 08, 2013

CQJP 2013: Feb. Block Progress

Here is what I am working on. For some reason I just didn't want to work on this for a few days and then I realized what the problem was.  The rose I last did just wasn't right.  The color was off and it was annoying me, and holding me back, though I wasn't fully aware of that yet.  So I ripped it out.  Sometimes you need a little time away to gain some perspective and forget all the hard work and long amount of time you put into it, so you can rip it out if it's not right!

“The urge to destroy is also a creative urge.”
― Pablo Picasso

So I started working on some seam treatments.  I am not usually very strong in these but this block really called for nice seam treatments in the background.  They will be more quiet than the bouquet but still add interest to the block. None of the seams are finished they will have more added to them, but this is what I got accomplished today.

 I started with a Herringbone stitch in the upper right.  I used a metallic thread.  I also added some light blue lazy daisy flowers to be like forge-me-knots.  I'm not sure what else will be added, I'm letting ideas brew.  The seam to the left of that one, I simply did Chain stitching in scallops using a variegated thread.  If you notice I also worked around the eyelets in the fabric, I want to incorporate them into the seam treatment.  
I'm trying to bring blue around the block in little touches, since the cup is a blue patterned one.  I don't normally prefer blue, but I have noticed that I enjoy how it makes pink pop, and that makes it worth using!!! LOL

This seam is a combination of one side Cretan and the other Herringbone to which I added some lazy daises with long arms, some french knots in dark blue each downgrading in wraps from 3 to 1, then a few straight stitches of a light blue thread.
Finally I worked on the bouquet ripping out the outer part of the petals and reworking them with another silk ribbon which is a better color of pink.  It's 7mm, and I pretty much did stem stitching around the center and then added some loops.  I also added 7mm green silk ribbon leaves, some sweetheart roses in a 4mm variegated pink and green ribbon.  I also used a ribbon work method to create the center of the large bud to the left with 13mm ribbon the same as the large rose, and then used the same 7mm pink ribbon to do a couple of looped ribbon stitches.  I added some straight stitches around it in green and then made a stem by twisting the ribbon and taking a straight stitch with it twisted.  I'm really blending Silk Ribbon Embroidery with Ribbon Work methods to create this bouquet.  I cut off the fabric print and am going to wing the design instead.  I like my own ideas better!!! LOL  I'm prepping to make more of the large bud centers for more of them, and I need to figure out another larger rose or flower to add to the arrangement.

I feel so much better after all the work I did today.  I'm really happy with how this block is coming along. 


margaret said...

yes it is coming along well, wondered what had happened as no post for a while. I have finished mine for feb, for once I am ahead of myself!

johala6@yahoo. said...

The cup is very cute with the flowers as you made! I love it!
Thanks for sharing

All things beautiful said...

You are right there... love the new shade.