Friday, February 22, 2013

CQJP 2013: Wired Beading

One thing I love about the art of Crazy Quilting is that you get to incorporate all kinds of techniques!

I've seen wired beading on lots of things like Christmas Ornaments and such and whenever I see it I think that looks easy and it seems like something I could do.  So with this bouquet being more 3 dimensional using a mixture of Silk Ribbon Embroidery and Ribbon Work Techniques I thought adding a wired beaded element would look great.  So off I searched to learn how to do such a thing!

I found a few good video tutorials on YouTube, my favorite being this one:  Handmade Bead Spray Tutorial by Luvleescrappin 

I simply downsized my beads to tiny size 15 using a thin 30 gauge wire, and worked everything really small.  To attatch the tiny spray I used a large chenille needle to poke a hole then I slipped the end into place, bent it back, clipped off the extra, then took a needle and clear thread and tacked it into place with a few stitches.

It really was very easy to learn, and I can totally see myself using this more in my work and for other things I make too.

I think it is just what the bouquet needed and I'm glad I took a break on the bouquet to let ideas brew.  It was enough time for the 30 gauge wire to arrive and since I still felt it needed something more and this idea had been there before but different, and nothing flat seemed right to add for foliage, this was the perfect thing!

Now to continue adding bead sprays to my bouquet!


margaret said...

Melissa you have made the most beautiful block, each time I think you have finished then you embellish with even more wonderful stitches and things. The wire work has worked a treat.

Marjolein said...

The bouquet looks perfect!