Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Button Cover 2

Here is my second 2 inch button cover design. I used all 4mm silk ribbon. A spider-web rose for the middle in burgundy, little running-stitch roses and a few french knots in pink, and ribbon stitch leaves. The pink flowers where way too bright so I made up some strong tea and dotted them let that dry and then I dabbed some coffee on them this morning, that really helped to mute the brightness of the pink color. The button even smells like chai tea! LOL That's the only kind I had to use! It's hard to get the design I want on such a small surface to work with...I usually like to work with about 5 inches so my stitches are usually sized accordingly. Maybe I'll try making tiny flowers to bouquet on my third and final button. I just love lots of vining and scrolling leaves!
To see the first button cover Click Here
To see the third button cover Click Here
Brooch for a friend Click Here


Janet said...

That is soooo pretty! And if it smells like chai tea that's even better.

Debbie R. said...

Very pretty! I have a hard time working so small too. Even ATCs are too small for me and that's larger than this!