Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lillian's Heart

I worked more on Lillian's heart today. I finished the leaves on the vines and added pink Swarovski crystals for buds. Then I over dyed some 13mm silk ribbon to give a more antique look. The second photo is of what the original color looked like beside the tea over dyed one. The third photo is of one of the folded roses I made but haven't attached it yet. I'm going to make one more and then in the "L" I'm planning on doing a running stitch rose in the same ribbon.
Oh bye the way the first photo is the closest to the actual fabric color.
Click on the photos to see them closer.
Click Here to see it in progress.

1 comment:

seoulsisterstevens said...

IT IS BEAUTIFUL! WOW! I am 'nearly' speechless and can hardly believe that this little gem is for me! I will treasure it! And now for decisions.... do I frame it or use it as an applique???