Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lillian's Heart: ready to sew

Click on the photo to see it closer.
This is the best photo colorwise of all the photos of this heart.

I stayed up late tonight and finished the final details for the flowers. Now it's ready to sew and finish. I love this heart! I think it's my favorite one I've made so far. I love every one I make but this one I really, really love. I think it's because of the colors and the Swarovski crystal beads and the rose ribbon is antiqued with tea. I love how it is encrusted with ribbon stitch leaves vining inward. I also like the swirls on the monogram.
I think Lillian is going to love it! I also think I might make one similar for myself!
Click Here to see the heart's progress.
Click Here to see the heart finished.


Debbie R. said...

Every heart you stitch is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

I second those sentiments Debbie! Melissa, I do believe you are a natural born artist! I love this block...really! It's classic.. Great colors throughout. I love the chrystals. And the tye dying was brillant... Lillian is going to just go NUTS over this heart. Just you wait and see... What a lucky lady! Brenda

Charlene said...

I hadn't looked at the progress of this block in a while, and boy, am I totally impressed. You do a GREAT job, Melissa. As Brenda said, you have real talent.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Melissa, that heart is absolutely gorgeous!! It's so feminine and victorian looking! Lillian will love it!
Jackie M.