Monday, September 18, 2006

Monogramed Heart

Well today I decided to make another heart, this time for our Random Acts of Kindness list we have going at the Hand Embroidery Yahoo Group. I'm not going to say who this is for but it's a monogrammed heart for her. I looked though my favorite book for inspiration. The book is Treasury of Floral Designs and Initials for Artists and Craftspeople. I've noticed that a lot of Anna Griffin SRE designs are inspired by this book as well! I found this motif and copied it and then put it on my light box and traced it onto the fabric with a water erasable pen. Then I just stitched in the design how I thought it would best work for embroidery. The lady likes cool tones so I used an ivory rose with blue flowers, and my signature bee in silver tone. Tomorrow I will finish the heart and ready it for the mail. I really like this design and I think I'll use it again sometime! The biggest thing I would do differently is that I used the stem/outline stitch for the stems and I hated using it! Next time I will resume working the back stitch for my vines! I like the satin stitch better than the stem/outline stitch...and that's really saying something! I feel like my stem/outline stitching is messy and not as neat looking as I like it to be. Click on the photo to see it closer.
If you would like to see more of my work Click Here!

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Shauna Scines said...

Hey Melissa! Love the blog, and all of your cool pics. You guys look like you're loving it there. Congrats to your family on the new baby coming! How exciting! Love you