Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Sisters" Heart

Today I received this "Sisters" heart from Debbie! Isn't it stunning!?! I just love it! It looks so antique and vintage and I adore the colors and the laces and the flowers and the fabrics! I love the vintage button she used, the honey bee, the cute sisters with the dog, the beautiful rose printed on the corner fabric, the gold beads sewed onto the bottom lace...I just love everything about it! This is a real treasure! Her embroidery is so delicate and sweet! I had been wondering how I would use the heart and was thinking of several ways, now that I have it I have decided I want to either frame it or make a wall hanging! If I make a wall hanging I'd like to put 3 hearts vertically...Debbie, you want to swap 2 more with me?

To see the photo's closer, click on them.

Here is a link to Debbie's blog of the heart...Click Here!

To see the heart framed Click Here

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