Friday, September 29, 2006

CQ Heart for my Sister

Yesterday I worked on my CQ heart for my sister. It's my first CQ project ever! I sat myself down and learned how to make the bullion knot rose and then started embroidering. I took some purple silk ribbons that were too bright and put them in some tea, then ironed them to make them match better. I think they turned out nice. Those ones are the spiderweb rose and the bow. The bow looks ecru, but it was a light lavenderish purple and when it came out of the tea it just looked ecru instead of a muted light purple! The bow was my first time couching down tails like that, I just love how that looks. The dark purple ribbon is from Hand Dyed Fibers though and it's 7mm and I made 2 running stitch roses with it. The black pearls (purplish) are from a broken strand I had gotten in Hawaii. The little purple beads are from Vanessa's RAOK, that was really handy because I don't have very many beads! The little mother-of-pearl button and the flower motif are from Lillian's hostest gift, I put the flower in tea but it didn't take very well so I got out the ribbon dyes and put brown on it and microwaved, it's not meant for those dyes but it made it dark enough for the heart. The bullion knot roses are 2 of my first ever and one I accidentally switched the thread colors around, it's supposed to go darkest to lightest. I just used DMC floss on those, Micheal's just had a 5 for $1 sale the other day. Oh and the lace going across is hem tape from WalMart! It was just right! I used 2mm green silk ribbon for the first time and did a running stitch along the edges of the hem tape lace. Then of course my signature bee. Joyce said not to forget the little bee!
I had soooooo much fun! It's kind of like scrapbooking but with embroidery! Now I really understand why CQ, Crazy Quilting, is so popular and addictive! I got to try out so many new things, and just be creative to my hearts content!
Click here to see the blank heart.


Charlene said...

Beautiful, Melissa. Grand job you did. With your creative flair and talent, you'll be in CQ head first. I'm sure Sis will love it!

Brenda L. Minor said...

Your doing great Melissa. Your sister is going love her heart and you for making it for her! Beautiful work! Great job on the roses, too! It is sooo much fun, isn't it? Keep it up.... Brenda