Monday, October 02, 2006

Joyce's Heart: Sisters

This morning I decided to stitch in the word "Sisters" on my sister's heart. And I choose to try the stem stitch again...dun dun duunn...bad move. I got out my favorite book on embroidery and went over how to do it again. I feel that I understand it better now but I just don't like how it turned out! The big S is the best part, and maybe that's what my problem is I'm trying to do the stem stitch too small? You ladies who are good at the stem stitch please look at it and see if you can tell if I'm doing something wrong or why it's not turning out as nice as I'd like. I used 1 strand of the premium 6 stranded silk floss from Hand Dyed Fibers. One strand looks to me like Perle floss. The color isn't coming across in the photo that well but it is pretty. It's called French Artichoke and it's a variegated muted-pink-goldish-cream-green.
Okay y'all...should I just leave it alone? Or should I rip it out? I'm thinking I should leave it alone and that if I rip it out it may make things worse than just leaving it. But if it's not readable then, I don't know that I should keep it either. It just looks messy to me.
Now for the Good News! The leaf motif I dyed with the silk ribbon dyes...I don't think it's permanent though for the motifs, because the motif isn't silk, Ribbonsmyth has dyes for rayon motifs too but I haven't bought them yet. I'm hoping if I win the button cover contest to use the $25 for the motif dyes and some motifs from Ribbonsmyth.
Oh and I'm wanting to stitch something else around the word Sisters too...I'm thinking 2 butterfly's like this. If anyone has any idea's for me, please feel free to comment or e-mail me. Now I need to finish up one more button cover for the contest. The deadline is the 7th!

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