Thursday, October 19, 2006

CQ Heart for my Sister: progress

I added some pretty green seed beads to the leaf, if you click on the photo you can see closer. I also attached the butterflies and sewed the folded roses together and added a amethyst seed bead to the middle of each. I still need to dye the 2nd leaf and add the seed beads to it. Then I'll attach the roses. The flower beads and leaf beads and pearls around are a trial. I think I like them there. The flower beads and pearls bring that color from the upper left corner down. Also I did those in 3's around the 2 roses to bring balance. I think it helps.
Off to dye the leaf!


Jo in NZ said...

Melissa, your heart looks just beautiful. Your block too. Look forward to seeing what you do with it ( is it Sharons class block?). You have a great eye for colour, pieceing and balance. The leaf does work better than the buttons, but I really like the buttons!

Melissa said...

Thank you Jo! I really liked the buttons too, but they were just too powerful than the upper left corner. I'm so relieved that the leaf works and the heart feels so much better.

Echo and Aaron said...

Buttons are always good but not when they distract away from the real art... so go with the leaves and I like the idea of the 'two' of everything... I know Joyce will as well. Give China and Madie some pets and tugs from Aaron, me, baby, and skizzy!