Thursday, October 19, 2006

My First CQ Block

After a lot of hard work, I finished piecing my first CQ block for the Encrusted CQ class I'm taking online with Sharron B. It is an 8 inch block. 11 pieces total. I have never before pieced one and I had a tough time because I didn't know what I was doing! It turned out great though and I love it! I just hope piecing gets easier when you know what you are doing. First I agonized over what colors to use, then picking fabrics then what order to put them in, and how to put them down with thinking of the over all composition. Then I had to pick more fabrics because I wasted because I didn't know how to piece efficiently. Oh and I snipped the muslin in the back while I was trimming seams too! LOL Okay now I'm laughing, it is funny! Oh and I had a sewing machine jam too! LOL And this scan doesn't do it justice! LOL The velvets look freaky in this scan but they are really pretty, they are green and a nice golden brown. Also you see that lace at the top? I added that after I was done! It looks like it sewed in though huh!? I love that lace! I got it from Pat Winter's Etsy shop.


May Britt said...

You have made a beautiful block which I know you will embellish beautiful. You have done a great job so far. I got a lot of Pat's laces and SR in birthdaypresent from her and love them so much. Looking forward to see your progress on it.

Barbara said...


Love your blog and your first block!

Looking forward to seeing more of you during our CrazyQuilt class at Joggles


seoulsisterstevens said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! It reminds me of coffee- with all of the tans and browns.

Very pretty and WONDERFUL work for your first official CQ block! =)


Tina said...

Beautiful work... Do you mind if I link to your blog for future visits... I have started a blog but it is very simple as of yet. I will share my link when I return. Happy Stitches, Tina

Gail said...

Beautiful block, lovely fabrics. Will it get easier, that all depends on how fussy you are with the whole process. This will be a grand block when encrusted.

Maddie Can Fly said...

Your block is great, great piecing, and you say it's your first? I love the heart you're doing for your sister -- your stitching is exquisite. (Lesa CQForNewbies)

Melissa said...

Thank you everyone! I can't wait to embellish! That's my favorite part!
Tina, yes you may link to me.

Echo and Aaron said...

Very pertifuls Mrs. Melissa! Baby must think it's perty to 'cause it hasn't moved all day until I pulled up your blog page!

Sharon said...

Its a great block I thik there are many hold hands that would agree with me. Is this really your first block? If so its a good job - I hope there are many more to come in future