Thursday, October 05, 2006

5 Weird things about ME!

I've been tagged by Charlene. I was asked to list five weird things about myself on my blog, then ask you to do the same.
  1. I don't like ice in my soda and I pull the pickles out from my cheeseburgers!
  2. I wait to drink anything until after I eat
  3. My Dad likes to wear M. C. Hammer pants and anything bright and neon...he also loves to wear tye dye shirts! (yes at the same time) Here's his blog: Crazy Dogs Den
  4. I like milk in my tea...that's not too weird but most people don't do it. I also don't like sugar in my coffee, unless it's flavored.
  5. My hair wasn't curly until I got into my teens, then it went wacky! But now I love it I can go curly or straight depending on the weather and my mood.
Tagging: Echo, Dad's Dogs


May Britt said...

LOL I struggled several days writing about my weird things. Although my DS and DD tells me I am sooooo weird.

Charlene said...

Oh, you're not so weird!

Pixie has posted on my blog to say hello to China and Maddie.

Thanks for the hint about my links. You were right!


Gerry said...

Who did you tag?

LostRoses said...

Oh good, another pickle-on-the-hamburger hater. I picked them off for years until I started ordering - NO PICKLE. The bonus is I believe McDonald's has to make it fresh in order to do that. Or come to think of it, maybe THEY'RE picking them off before they give it to me. Eeeeuuu!