Monday, October 23, 2006

White on White CQ Block

Today I wanted to try a third 8 inch block and I've been wanting to try white on white, so that's what I made. It was a lot easier for me this time. Things went a lot more smoothly, and I was able to add more lace! It's got lots of texture too. I really love this block! Hey Lillian! You recognize that bit of lace up at the top?! Thank you!
Here is another photo of my second block, I hope you all can see the colors of it better.


May Britt said...

Both your blocks are beautiful. Looking forward to see how you decide to embellish them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melissa! =)

Wow- you sure are churning out those CQ blocks, arent you? Which one will you decide to use for your class with Sharon? Decisions... decisions.....

Ah- and the lace looks lovely. That came from a wedding dress that I found in the thrift store for- you won't believe it- a buck. The whole bottom hem was lace like this and I have almost none left. =(

I think you have found your niche. Crazy Quilting with all of its various forms of embellishments definitely suits you well Melissa!

Your work is incredible!


Melissa said...

But Lillian I'm useing all three for my class with Sharon! I figure 3 different ones will help me learn the lessons better, they'll bring up different issues.

Barbara C said...

Both blocks are lovely, but I especially like your brown block. I look forward to seeeing how you embellish them.