Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Viola, sampler, and flower

I thought I would take a better close up of the viola on my CQ heart since the previous post's was so dark.
It's made out of 4mm silk ribbon in loop stitches, 2 for the top, and 3 for the bottom (stitching the middle loop last), and then adding 3 amber seed beads to the middle.
Then I was inspired to try some stitches I hadn't tried yet. So I got out a piece of muslin, and black floss and with 2 strands I stitched the feather stitch a few different ways. I also tried out the fly stitch and then messed around with the french knot and colonial knot. I've been doing the colonial knot backwards!!! But I now know how to do it the forwards way. I have to say that The Embroiderer's Handbook is awesome for learning! I haven't seen a colonial knot explanation in a book that I could understand before, but I could get this one! It has lots of photos of the steps.
Last is a cute pink petunia from out in our back garden. We didn't plant it but the seeds fell into this pot and started growing. The original is long dead and was in a hanging basket. I just love it when plants reseed themselves! They are little gifts! Bonus plants! Thank you Lord God! I really appreciate the extra flowers!

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Charlene said...

These roses are beautiful, especially the ivory, folded one. You've got silk ribbon down to an art...