Monday, October 16, 2006

My Favorite Spot

This is my favorite spot to snuggle up in my house. I like to have my quiet time there, read my Bible and spend time with God. I also like to curl up with a novel and read there too. Madie will jump up and curl up by my legs or in my lap, and China lays on the floor right next to me. When I am elsewhere in the house Madie will take over my spot! It's her favorite spot too! Click Here to see Madie and China in their favorite spot!

What's your favorite spot?


Debbie R. said...

Hi Melissa, I love your favorite spot! I don't know that I even have a favorite spot in the house. I honestly think my favorite spot is sitting in the our vehicle stitching! :-) That's actually the place where I get most of my stitching done!

LostRoses said...

I like your favorite spot much better than mine! I find myself doing everything at the dining-room table which is not nearly as comfy as your snug chaise lounge.

Melissa said...

Oh I do lots and lots at the dining room table too!!! I have all my sewing and embroidery stuff out on the breakfast table and then the dining room table has all my Crazy Quilt fabrics all over it right now. I try to at least keep that table clear, but not right now.