Saturday, October 21, 2006


Today me and my wonderful hubby went to Atlanta to the warehouse sale! We got an awesome deal on silk!!! We picked through the remnant table that was priced $12 a pound for the silk. I got a whole bunch! AND I found 1 yard of a color that I had gotten a swatch of and used in my sister's CQ heart (upper left of the heart) that I tried to order but it wasn't available anymore!!! YEAY! It's called chocolate rose! And it's as yummy as the name! It's the one on the top of all the fabrics. We had a lot of fun! When we got home we measured it all out and averaged the price per yard and it came out to be $3.14 a yard!!! Tell me where can you get so many colors of Dupioni silk for $3.14 a yard! They said they will be having another warehouse sale in April!


Echo and Aaron said...

WOO HOO! I'm glad you found the chocolate rose! You must've been in material heaven today!

Virginia said...

Ohh yes! It was a good deal, for sure! You were really lucky!
and the colors that you got are beautiful!

By the way, I like very much your blog. It is one of my favourites blogs.

Have a good stitching! :-)

Pat said...

Just popped in to say my blocks are about 9 inches square. Thanks for asking I have added it to the post.

I am so envious of your silks,(about £14. a yard in UK I think that is about $25 at the moment) What a bargain. I love Dupioni, there is something about the texture and the colours are so rich, even the pale ones and chocolate rose looks and sounds delicious.

Love the subtlety of your block.

Pat UK

seoulsisterstevens said...

Next time around, wanna swap??? =)

Debbie R. said...

Oh, Mellisa! That's the deal of the century! Way to go! Your latest block is lovely too!