Saturday, October 07, 2006

Silk Ribbon Embroidered Hummingbird

Here's my experimental hummingbird. I wanted to have a reflective throat so I used a red sequin. First I made a straight stitch in green 4mm then I stitched the sequin on cupped side up, then I stitched another straight stitch overlapping the previous one and covering half the sequin. Then I made a french knot for the head and covered it with a straight stitch. For the wings I used the 4mm and did 2 ribbon stitches pierced near the edge instead of the middle. The tail I used 2mm in a matching green and made 3 ribbon stitches. You could do the tail in 4mm as well but I thought it looked nice in 2mm. Last I stitched the beak in a straight stitch with 2 strands black floss, although you can barely see it in this photo!
Click Here to see my progress on the heart.


Anonymous said...

oh me oh my- he is adorable.


Gail said...

Love your hummingbird Melissa, and flower vine.

Glad you could join the ICQ list, I thought I had visited you blog before.

glo (Gail) Big Horn Mountain Creations

May Britt said...

Your hummingbird is sooooo beautiful. You are doing great work on this heart. I have started embellishing my angel block now, and I am struggeling with it. As a newbee I work so slow and have trouble working outside the stright lines.