Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reclaimed Fabric

Click on the photos to see closer. Well last night I tried out making some Tambour Lace and this heart is what I did. It's basically like thread crochet but with tulle in between. It's hard for me since it is so tiny and it slips easy! Also I couldn't draw out a design to follow on the tulle! I didn't have the hoop on a stand either but in my hand. I think I may like just embroidering on some tulle better than fiddling with a hook. I feel more in control with a needle. And that way I could sandwich the tulle with some solvey that has a design on it.
Here is some of the fabric I reclaimed! I love the unusual texture of the last photo! Although I think the remnant bins at JoAnn's and WalMart are better deals! Can you believe the price of thrift stores? Because of the high prices I just bought the ones I couldn't live without! LOL In fact after I left there I went straight to JoAnn's and got like 5 gorgeous remnants as well (which includes some silks and a plain green brocade too).

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