Tuesday, October 31, 2006

White on White CQ Block: Seams

Last night I worked on my White on white block for my Encrusted CQ class. I still want to add more to the seams but I think I need to wait until the adding beads stage to really finish them. I really enjoy actually doing the embroidery, it's so relaxing! I love the scalloping seams! I did the top one using part of my thimble as a guide and the bottom one with a spool of thread and the chain stitch. On the bottom seam I added french knots with cotton chenille and they are cute fuzzy little dots you just want to run your fingers over. I'm thinking of adding silk ribbon petals around them to give nice texture contrast. I'll either do straight stitch petals or lazy daisy petals.
Click on the photos to see closer!

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Echo and Aaron said...

you know what ... i pay attention to the stitching on EVERYTHING now 'cause of you lol... i like stitching..probably can't do it myself but i sure like looking for it!!!