Sunday, October 08, 2006

CQ Heart: second corner

Here is the work I did on the heart today. I've taken a break from my sister's CQ heart and have been working on this one. I put a lace trim and little pearls and then glass bead flowers and leaves. The 4mm ribbon bow I hand dyed to match the maroon piece of fabric. It was my first time dying silk ribbon! It took me awhile to get the color, because I'm not familiar with how the dye colors turn out yet. I'm thinking of adding a strand of metallic gold floss to the hummingbirds beak though because the black just fades into the shadows and he looks like a beak-less hummingbird! I think a stitch of metallic gold would be like a highlight and help him out. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do in the middle though!!! If you've got any idea's let me know. I was thinking of a garden scene or a bouquet of flowers. Hummm...what if I printed out a floral image on fabric and appliqued it where the 3 pieces meet and then embellish around that? I like that idea! I'll look though my CD from Victoria Rose Cottage tomorrow. I just got some printer fabric sheets and transfer sheets from WalMart to try out too.
Click Here to see my progress.

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Echo and Aaron said...

I love the lace and the bow... complete with the lil pearl like details.... *looks in awe* I love to watch you work and love to see the completed projects... someday I may be inspired to try it out myself lol...