Monday, October 09, 2006

CQ Heart: Center

Today I printed out a image from my Victoria Rose Cottage CD on some 'June Tailor Quick Fuse iron-on inkjet fabric sheets' and cut it out, ironed it on and then embellished! I made a 13mm ivory folded rose with a pink glass bead in the middle to resemble the rose in the image. Also I made a gathered rosette out of some 7mm variegated silk ribbon. Then I made a viola out of 4mm hand-dyed silk ribbon I made last night, I had made another purple in my trial and error of the color match batch for the bow. Waste not, want not! I made 2 loops up top and 3 loops for the bottom, then I stitched 3 amber seed beads in the middle. Then I took 2 shades of 2mm green silk ribbon and ribbon stitched in leaves where I liked, and going up the sides of the image as well.
I also added some gold metallic thread to the hummingbird's beak so you can see it better. He's so cute!
I think this heart is finished. The only thing that's keeping me from saying 'done' is the upper right corner. I don't really like the solid ribbon going across where the bow is and then I feel the flower beads need a little more too. But I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I think I will wait and see what I get in the mail from Carolyn Cibik since I ordered beads from her close out sale.
Click Here to see the naked heart.


Susan said...

Melissa, I love the lace and bow just as it is. I like the print you made, and the row of flowers with the humming bird is very cute. Nice job!

pat winter said...

This is beautiful.The SRE is wonderfully done. I love purple!!!