Sunday, October 22, 2006

Second CQ Block

Today I pieced together my second 8 inch block. I wanted a more antique feel. It reminds me of the old west. I used the middle faux leather for inspiration of the colors of the block. It's tough but not like leather, more near a suede type feel. Also I used a piece of black velveteen, a shiny brown material and the rest are silks, I just love how Dupioni silk looks. I had a better time piecing this block though than the last one. I guess having a better idea of what you are doing helps! LOL
The only thing that's giving me trouble with this block is the accuracy of the photo you are seeing. I just couldn't get the colors and textures to look right. This is as close as I could get. The lightest piece is a little darker it's really a black gold Dupioni silk, and at the bottom is a black brown Dupioni silk, in all the photos it looks purplish!

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Echo and Aaron said...

It reminds me of a box of chocolates for some reason... perhaps its all the yummy colors and the smooth silky look to it! Or maybe it's just 'cause I'm pregnant lol... as always I love your work!