Saturday, September 23, 2006

Johnson "J"

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I'm embroidering hand towels with the Johnson "J" for my Dad and his Wife for Christmas. Here is the first of the set I finished last week. Three more to go! My Dad and Joyce Hope love bright colors so I chose 4 different bright colors in their style. I call their style "Flower Power Shabby Chic"! I'm making the towels washable so that they will be completely usable! The floral letter is 6 inches and from Ribbonsmyth's Victorian Monogram Initial CD I just printed out the letter, traced it onto Solvy and placed it over the terrycloth in a hoop and stitched it in. When it's finished, I tear most of it away and then soak it in cold water to get rid of the rest of the solvy.

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Kelli said...

I LOVE all of the bright colors! I feel so inspired looking at your photos!