Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Stitching

This Christmas I worked on projects for my nephew Baby J (brother Aaron & Echo's baby). I had found remnant of some green fleece on sale and bought it to create 2 baby blankets. Here is one of the blankets I made. I hand sewed the hems of the fleece blanket since it was small and fleece tends to warp out of shape with the sewing machine. Then I took some tracing paper and traced the letters I found here and pinned it down and stitched it on. I found cute patterns in the book Sublime Stitching and traced the spaceship and planet from it onto tracing paper and stitched those on as well. Then I tore away the paper and stylized the spaceship with some stars, dots, and stripes.

This picture of me is on Sunday, Christmas Eve, after church working on the embroidery. I finished the blanket on Christmas.

The "grow" is stitched onto a onesie for Baby J. I used some lightweight stabilizer basted onto the back and then trimmed down when finished embroidering. I made it on the 26th and finished just in time for Aaron and Echo to take home with them.

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Lil said...

Your stitching is wonderful and I love the rocket! I would be stumped what to stitch for little ones but you have captured babies and childhood so wonderfully!

Hey- is that an ornament I spy hanging behind you? Moi's??? I did a double take a sec ago. =) How sweet of you- I am honored!

PSS- I love your hutch and the dishes too. Maybe you can show the goodies and doilies in it too, (We have the same taste in furniture BTW!)