Friday, December 15, 2006

Old Embroidery Articles

Here is a link to this interesting old Ladies' Home Journal (1898) page Click Here. The link is to a PDF file at the On-Line Digital Archive of Documents on Weaving and Related Topics at the University of Arizona. I also thought this Click Here (also PDF) one was really neat as well, it is an article from Needlecraft Magazine on embroidered gifts (November 1912) and it had a neat little idea of tucking away little embroidered gifts you make throughout the year so that when you need a gift you already have one made. It's just so neat to read the old text. It's funny how embroidery was so commonplace because now-a-days you rarely find someone who embroiders! They used to embroider and monogram everything. I read in one of the articles that any young girl who values her possessions will take the time to nicely embroider her monogram on it. It's hard to imagine kids these days monogramming anything!
You can click on these photos and save them as well. The 3 sets of monograms are useable.
I hope that I haven't infringed on any copyrights or anything like that. If I have please let me know and I will modify as needed.

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