Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Brother Isaac's Gift

This monogram is a last minute one, since my brother Isaac will be at Dad's for Christmas I figured I better not leave him out! So I picked this monogram since he loves medieval style, out of the Victorian Alphabets, Monograms and Names for Needleworkers from Godey's Lady's Book and Peterson's Magazine. I scanned it, resized it, printed it, and then traced onto the pillowcase with a water erasable pen. Then I tried a new stitch! The split stitch, I had watched a tutorial on how to do the split stitch here, and felt that it would be the perfect stitch to get this monogram done so I can send the gifts off to Dad's. I used 2 strands blue DMC floss. I was going to do the stab method but after 2 or 3 stitches it was just too slow so I switched to the sewing method and I really enjoyed it since it seemed faster and I could get on a roll with it. I stitched each section by first stitching the outline and then stitching round and round working in towards the center until it was all filled up. I finished stitching the monogram in 2 and a half hours! I just sat and focused on it since I wanted to complete it last night. The split stitch also gives a unique texture and look to the monogram.

I had been wondering if this was an 'I' or a 'J' since the older monograms have one of those missing. Either would have been fine since they are both his monograms but I found this today that has the full alphabet and I now know that it is an 'I'! Whew!


Shay Toner said...

Outstanding job. You'r really good at monograms. Thanks for sharing


Charlene said...

Looks very masculine and professional - nice, solid filling. I missed what it's on?

Susan said...

Lovely lettering. Beautiful stitching.