Sunday, December 03, 2006

Windsong Jewels: My work on Kari's Block

Here's some more work on Kari's block! I hand dyed the lace motif in antique gold and added a glitz button and glass leaf beads to the middle. Also I added some amber glass seed beads to the spokes. My goal was to make a focal point so than in the yellow area I can create an opposite focal motif in silk ribbon embroidery. I'm still going to add some seam treatments and I know it's a little out of order but hey this is CQ after all and there really aren't any rules! Heeheehee!
I also added blue running stitch roses in 4mm and ribbon stitch leaves in 2mm silk ribbon.


Charlene said...

Pretty work, Melissa. Such dainty and delicate work. Nice!

Susan said...

The work you've done on Kari's whole block is very lovely. That button is perfect with the leaves around it. You have a nice artistic touch.