Thursday, December 07, 2006

Windsong Jewels: My work on Kari's Block

Well I've been working and working, stitching and beading, and here is the finished block! I hope it is not too cluttered! Really this is the first CQ block that I've completed embellishing! Just click on any of the photos to see them closer.

All the larger roses are spider-web roses, and the smaller filler roses are running stitch roses, which I zigzagged from edge to edge while doing the running stitch down the ribbon.
Then I used french knot flowers for filling and the little buds are twisted chain stitch. All the leaves are ribbon stitch, except the branches on the curved seam which are padded straight stitches.

The gold seam is an alternating buttonhole stitch with lazy daisy's on both sides and a gold seed bead at the tips.

The purple seam is french knots using silk chenille to make the fuzzy dots and lazy daisy's in sets of 3 with seed beads in the middles.


Anonymous said...


It is wonderful- I LOVE IT! ALL OF IT!

Charlene said...

It's beautiful, Melissa. Your silk ribbon embroidery is outstanding!

Susan said...

You've done a lot of work on it since you posted the previous picture. You have a very nice touch with SRE. It's a lovely block.

Jo in NZ said...

Melissa, your block is exquisite. You are a real talent with a needle and ribbon.
I don't think the block is to cluttered at all. Everything flows nicely, and fits with everything else. A cluttered block to me is when 'gaps' are filled with random motifs just to fill a space. This is not the case with this block.
Your first finished block! It will be hard to part with this one.

The motif in the top right corner, the first rose is a woven spiderweb, is the lower rose the same? The petals seem to 'roll'. will you please share how you did this. It is very realistic.

Great block. Kari will be happy to own it.