Sunday, December 10, 2006

In The Garden RR: Lillian's block

Well I was finishing up my work on Lillian's block and planning on sending it on on Monday, when I ran into a little problem...I ran out of the ribbon!!! The color I was using for the leaves was all used up, so I got on-line and ordered some more from Thread Art. Now it's not like this was a tiny bit of ribbon that I didn't pre-plan for or anything. If you have bought the spools of ribbon from Thread Art before you know that they are 10 meter spools...and I opened it new when I started working on her block! I also used some on Kari's block though, and I used it in the other motif on Lillian's block as well. I thought I had enough or I would have ordered more last week! I'm so sorry Lillian for holding up your block until the ribbon arrives.

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