Friday, March 07, 2008

Awesome Stash Day

Wendy and I agreed to split a bead order from Fire Mountain Gems to cut costs and get a better deal and just look at how much is there! More than plenty for the both of us! Mostly it is size 15 seed beads because they are harder to find in stores. I also added some little Czech glass heart beads and some Nymo beading thread. I got light tan in size 0 and white in size 00, and I now understand the 00 is my favorite size Nymo thread for beading, I think the color of beading thread I use most is the light tan it acts like it's clear most of the time unless I'm sewing something white then I need the white thread. Fire Mountain Gems even added a little free gift of some Mother of Pearl butterfly pieces.Then today I took a trip to the On-Post Thrift Shop and scored some good stash! Here is some of the clothing I picked up. I think a couple of pieces are silk and then the dark pieces one is a dark blue velveteen and the other is a black lace dress. I got these for only 25 cents a piece.
I grabbed this shirt for the tiny little green sequins...on closer inspection they were glued to the shirt but I can easily pluck them off and they are still good and usable!
As we walked into the Thrift Shop BAM we saw this Wedding Dress for only $20 so I snatched it up! Plenty of lace appliques and beads and white satin to go around! It's got some dirt marks and smudges here and there but I figure it's still good for reclaiming since I can cut around those in the fabric or dye the lace applieques.
I saw a bin of lace and grabbed some! I got all this for only 20 cents total!
Also I grabbed this embroidered dresser scarf for only 25 cents! It's hang drying in this photo.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I think it would be dangerous for me to go shopping with you! You've got some awesome stash builders there!

Barbara said...

What Diane said!

Although, if you can find silk...

Can't wait to see what you make!