Monday, March 17, 2008

Dreams of Spring RR: Lyn's Block

I finally finished my work on Lyn's Dreams of Spring block, now it's off to the next lady to work on! I didn't end up using the beads as rain, because as I started stitching them on I wasn't happy with how it looked. They were too big even though they were size 15. So instead I added another layer of running stitches between each previous row in a blue metallic thread. I love the result much better! You can't really see the nice sparkle in the photo as in person.
I also finished up the tatted clouds, I tried to get each one to be different since no two clouds are ever the same! And boy am I glad to be done with the clouds! As much as I love to tat doing picots at every stitch gets tiring since you have to think about it more...not to mention that I had to do math to know the numbers of stitches to change each pattern to do that.

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