Saturday, March 08, 2008

Hand Dyed Lace

Today I thought why not try and dye some of the reclaimed lace from the wedding dress I bought! And here are some of the results...I've listed the particular ones in My Etsy Shop for sale too!
Sweet Pea inspired colors! My favorite Sweet Peas are blooming and I've been enjoying them so much that I thought I'd try and recreate the colors this one turned out a light version of the colors. The photos really don't do it justice! I also did some of the fabric too!
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
Darker Sweet Pea colors.
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
Then I did a nice periwinkle shade that has purples and blues.
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
Antiqued Pink has shades of pink, mauve, and brown.
Here is the link this one in my Etsy Shop
All of these you could use as is or unpick the lace and use it separate as an applique.
Since they are polyester they are NON-Washable


Sharkeysday said...

Love! the dyeing...looks great! I have a question tho. I have two wedding dresses that friends have given me to cut up. HOW do you go about doing it? I'm afraid to just start hacking in fear I cut it up wrong (like don't have big enough pieces to use).
Do you cut as large of pieces as you can? Or don't worry about it? Or what?

Melissa said...

I just start cutting in as large of pieces as I can and then cut down from there as I need it. A lot of the times I let the appliques and seams be the guide of where I cut. I cut out the seams too and that usually takes the dress into pieces then I cut along the edge in one big circle if it's possible.
After all that I then cut down as needed sometimes I leave appliques with the fabric and sometimes I take a seam ripper and remove it from the fabric. Then some appliques do well with being cut into smaller pieces too.

austin said...

These pieces are lovely!