Monday, March 31, 2008

Bekah's Princess Blocks

I've been slowly working on this block here and there adding stuff while driving into town and today I did a little sitting in the garden! I just love the leisurely pace, and it's nice to just relax and do whatever I think would be cute and know that anything I do Bekah and Wendy will love it! LOL As much fun as the RR's I've done have been I'm glad they are coming to a close so I can take a break and relax and work on non-time sensitive projects that I've been wanting to do, you know...those things that take the backseat and sometimes become UFO's! LOL
I've added a stem stitch "princess" and back stitched my initials and the date since this will be an heirloom I want her to be able to know things like that in the future. I also added some yellow pistol stitches to the bell flowers and I'm adding pink butterflies as well.


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

It's fun to see the new elements as they're added! Will there be lots of sparkles? My granddaughters (and grandson) love anything sparkly!

Melissa said...

Oh yes I'm gonna add beads too! I'm thinking of flower beads to add to the grass area too!

TattingChic said...

Hi Melissa,
You are so talented in so many areas. The girl who gets that quilt block is very lucky, indeed. Hey, I was wondering...when I asked you about your website you said that did some research and I was wondering if you found a website that you found particularly useful.
Shannon :)

Nancy McCarroll - Art and Favorites said...

Just lovely!! I am getting more into silk ribbon and liked looking at your blog. The princess is darling! Nancy

Angelines Artero said...

A fantastic blog, your tutorial about to make a rose is perfect. Regards from Spain