Sunday, January 07, 2007

Heart from my Valentine! Purse!

It's finished! Here's 2 photos one with the flash and one without it. I used the ties from a shirt I reclaimed fabric from. I had no idea at the time what I would use them for but couldn't just throw them away, and sure enough they came in handy as purse handles! Isn't it pretty?! I used 7mm silk ribbon for a tie closure. It's really small though and doesn't fit my wallet and barely fits the cell phone, so I won't get to use it as much as I'd like but I'll still use it.
On the back I created a running stitch with monogram of M + G!

Here is how we sewed it together:

1. Gerard took the lining and sewed the back and a piece of lining with the straps together(using the finishing method found Here except a section was left unsewn for turning instead of the cut in the back fabric)...then took the front and sewed that to another piece of lining with the straps.

2. Then I pinned the front and the back pieces together and sewed the edges with the whipstitch by hand. I felt this was the only way to get nice looking smooth, sturdy edges for the purse. It took me about 2 hours to sew it by hand, so that's not too long for something so pretty. The whipstitch looks like it melts into the purse so you can't tell that it's been sewn looks like it was fused together! I consider the effect well worth the effort.

Guess What! I entered this purse into the CQMagOnline and I won the drawing too! Click Here to see it.


Charlene said...

My, my - didn't think I'd get to see it this soon! Very pretty work, Melissa and Hubby! You can use is as your 'date' purse - when you only need your keys, phone, kleenex, lipstick, and a credit card.

Susan said...

That was quick! I love that he made the heart and you turned it into something you'll be using - and recycling the ties was great!

Linda Chase said...

Melissa! What a beautiful project! That is stunning and thank you for sharing it and the directions and for the tutorials on the stitches after that. You are so gifted with teaching.

nrm_hrrs said...

The purse is absolutely stunning Melissa!