Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Valentine's Heart Swap: 2nd heart

I think it's pretty neat how people can use the same design and do it in all different ways. This Heart Pattern is meant for redwork but Gerard and I did it in totally different ways. Here is a link to Charlene's version of the heart done in silks! Here is a link to Leslie's done with Brazilian Embroidery.
The pink fuzzy is pink eyelash yarn couched down to the flower shape and also has a Mother-of-Pearl button with a glass heart bead in the middle. I also added glass bead flowers to the heart. I used different shades of floss with different stitches. All the stitches I used are: back stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy, stem stitch, split stitch, couching, and french knots.


Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed seeing Gerard's work progress and now to see your's also a great treat. I think both of you did excellent work. Thanks for posting.

Donna said...

I really love this heart. The fuzzy eyelash yarn makes it POP! I love Gerard's too but this one is so soft and the colors are great. Awesome job by both of you.