Friday, January 12, 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday

Buttonhole/Blanket Stitch
for TAST by Sharon B.

The first I angled the arms of the stitch and added 2mm silk ribbon in ribbon stitch. Then I tried lazy daisy leaves in 2mm silk ribbon on plain straight arms. After that I tried alternating the arms at angles and sides and adding ribbon stitches in 2mm silk ribbon. Right next to that is the same, I wanted to continue it a bit more to see what it's like. Then I tried the buttonhole with the 2mm silk ribbon. Then I drew out a scallop and tried stitching that with 1 strand silk floss and then again with 3 strands (pink) DMC floss. I had trouble with that with getting the stitches close enough to look smooth...doing those scallops is harder than it seems! It's funny because when you try something like that and find it more difficult than you thought it makes you appreciate the work others have done even more. Still I will try again to do the scalloped edge and cutting it out, but I'll wait until I'm feeling patient! LOL
Here is some idea's for flowers using the buttonhole stitch that I really like and would like to try.


Thelma said...

I like your arrangement of the buttonhole. Neat idea! I am still working on my buttonhole stitches.

Lil said...


this is lovely! Please tell me how far apart your blanket stitch is and what size ribbon you used. I have GOT to try this on a cq block I am working on.

Melissa said...

They are spaced about 1/4 inch apart for the "arms" and the silk ribbon is 2mm about 1/4 inch long for each ribbon stitch as well.

Quilterin said...

Melissa, what a great idea to use the buttonhole. I love the link you posted, thanks for sharing!

coral-seas said...

Hi Melissa
I love the vines with the slanted arms and ribbon stitch leaves. Two vines down 50 to go. Mean while, I am struggling with blanket stitch, but I knew I would :(