Monday, January 08, 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday

Herringbone Stitch for Sharon B's Take A Stitch Tuesday

Even though it was really hard for me to just sit down and do this stitch, I finally got a few idea's to try. My first idea was to use the Herringbone stitch as a trellis and pair with the feather stitch and some ribbon stitches in 2mm and 4mm silk ribbon. I used 2 strands DMC floss for the herringbone stitch back to back and then used 1 strand silk floss for the feather stitch layered on top and then alternated leaflets in ribbon stitch 2mm and 4mm silk ribbon.

Then I wanted to try the idea of using it as a vine. So I stitched it skinnier and a bit longer and then added 2mm silk ribbon in sets of 3 ribbon stitches on each prong. I think it makes it look like one big leaf. It could be a tropical vine with some exotic flowers with it.

Flowers can also be added to both ideas, but I didn't want to waste any beads on a sampler. Besides there are so many types of flowers I could choose from that the possibilities are endless.

I think I have found my niche! How many of these stitches can I turn into vines?! Oh I love vines, now I'm really excited!


Gail said...

Melissa, I love your trellis, what a great idea for the herringbone stitch, very creative.

Candi Harris said...

Melissa, you are so amazing! About the time I think you've reached another high with your vines you top it! They're great!

Susan said...

I like both of these herringbone seams, but particularly the one on the right - it seems so simply elegant. =)