Sunday, January 28, 2007

Onesie's for Baby J

These are the last 2 onesie's in this size (3-6mo.) that I had prepared to embroider for Baby J, who is now Nathan Marc Johnson. (Still to be born)
I love the little cupcake! I added sprinkles to the design with french knots and straight stitches. On both designs I just used 1 strand DMC floss and worked the design in stem stitch.

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Echo said...

HAHA I checked the mail today and there was this big yellow envelope that was all sealed up with tape! It was definately child proof *lol* but when I got it open... it was fantastic!!! Onesies for Mr. Nathan!!! Mommy, Daddy, 'n Baby say: Way cool Melissa!! (baby) I'm not sure how sweet I'll be but I will sure try Auntie Melissa!!

Thank you Melissa - for everything.