Sunday, January 28, 2007

In The Garden RR: Jackie's block

I'm almost finished, but I ran into a tiny bit of a problem...I ran out of the ribbon I was using! I was using Ribbonsmyth's 4mm Moss Green silk ribbon which comes in 5 yards...I used the whole 5 yards up! It's big motif because the block is a 12 incher! So the motif is about 9 1/2 inches high by 6 inches across!
I have to say that I'm getting quite good at the Melanie Rose now! LOL I'm getting pretty fast at making it now since I have made so many in this motif. It's really fun!

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Bunnies & Lace said...

Love the work on your silkribbon block and the Melanie rose is done by a personal friend of mine Marie Alton, she is so dainty and talented, she reminds me of you. Love your work.