Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Alece embroiders a jacket for a friend.

Alece came home from school with a request from a friend to embroider her jacket with 3 flowers and 2 hearts! So I drew a design with the water erasable pen, it's kind of hard to see but she was able to see it enough to embroider it. Then I basted some stabilizer to the back since it's stretchy, showed her how to get it in a hoop and got her off and embroidering away!
She worked on it on and off throughout the day and even got a bad stab on the finger! OUCH!
Then near bed time she finished it! YEAY!
I took out the basting stitches and trimmed the stabilizer and got the markings out, let it dry and ironed it just a tad from the back and Wa La!
The proud embroider presents her completed embroidered jacket to take to her friend in the morning!
Isn't it just the cutest?!?! I just think it's so pretty! Alece is 6 years old! What a great job she did!


Charlene said...

Oh, Alece, your friend will be so happy - this is such a great job, and a happy motif.

I think I mixed up the names - sorry! You've both done an outstanding job!

You, too, Te'an! I'm anxious to see those stars finished.

NormaH said...

Melissa, this young stitcher is off to a great start. If she does this at 6 what will she be doing at 16!!!!!! Teacher, stitcher and friend should all be proud as peacocks!!! Who knows, the friend may even want to learn .....