Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Melissa's Handbag: Part 1

I joined in a new Tatting Challenge started by Sharon called Tatting Treasures from Trash! Pair of my husband's old jeans.
I thought the leg area would make the best size handbag for myself. I've been wanting a nice little handbag for everyday type stuff that would be durable yet cute and this challenge is perfect! A recycled jean handbag with my very own tatting attached!
I turned it inside out, pinned and marked my sewing line so it will be a straight bottom.
I sewed it twice about an 1/8th apart to make sure it would be sturdy.
Then I trimmed away the excess.
Here's the front.
You can see the little tool I used to push out the corners, very handy!
Here's the back.
As you can see I don't have very many extra bits of tatting. Most of the motifs I've made with a purpose so I may need to tat up some more for this little handbag. I also need to figure out handles for it.


Carol Lawecki said...

Thanks for the excellent pictures showing how you went about making your denim bag. The tatted heart is very pretty. Can you tell me where I can find the pattern? I'll check back to see how you finished the bag off. Will you put a denim strap on the bag too? Carol Lawecki

Melissa said...

The tatted heart I got from the Handy Hands Catalog but you can also get it in a back issue of their newsletter Volume 11 Issue 1 http://www.hhtatting.com/detail.cfm?ID=1111
I think I'm going to put a ready to attach handle on the handbag...I'm not much of a seamstress so I like to go as simple as possible when I do sew! LOL