Monday, May 07, 2007

Lots of Shuttle Tatting

Motif # 15 - 19 of the 25 Motif ChallengeI've been tatting like crazy lately! First I created the pink round motif to practice and get better at making the stitches with the shuttle. Sharon's videos helped me a lot, I stared at them and then when I got the feel of how she was doing it I went and tried it and ta-da I was able to slide the stitch all the way better!
Then I attended the New Tatter's Basic Class online on Wednesday, and was encouraged to try a few other things like Shuttle Joins and hiding my ends again (having troubles hiding my ends). So I've done the Classic Rosette motif several times and hid my ends. The order of my work that I completed is from left to right, the top with the shuttle I just was doing to empty the shuttle of the extra thread and figured I could use that as a seam treatment for my crazy quilting. The first rosette is ecru size 10 cebelia, the red is size 8 perle, and the purple is size 10 flora.
Since I made so many my shuttle tatting has gotten faster, and I feel more confident making the stitches now, I even hid the ends on 2 fairly well.
If you know me you know I like to turn as many things into necklaces as possible so I made 2 rosette's for Alece and Ashe'a and instead of hiding the ends I made them long enough to be the necklace and attached closures to the ends. Alece picked purple and Ashe'a picked blue. I used size 10 flora thread for both.


Anonymous said...

Melissa, great job on the rosettes! I'm so proud of you!

GardeniaPatti, Maxwell Macintyre, and family said...

Beautiful work! I need to take a couple of pictures of my rosettes. I've done purple and orange. I think we've covered the entire rainbow between the two of us!