Friday, May 04, 2007

Alece's Pillow

Alece finished the embroidery for the front of the pillow so I pinned the back and front together and drew a seam line for her. I have her some matching colored craft thread and showed her that she just had to continue doing the backstitch done that line and leave the opening!
When she finished that I turned it inside out and let her stuff it with fiber fill and then readied the opening for her to stitch closed.
I pinned the opening closed and showed her how to do the overcast stitch and off she went!
It's done!!! Yeay! What a cute little pillow! She was very happy with it!

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Anonymous said...

Aren't they diligent????? I love it and please tell them that their projects are adorable and we love to see what they are stitching and making!