Saturday, May 26, 2007

Floral Belle

Here's more progress on the Floral Belle! I don't like that on the middle of the skirt you can see the black lines underneath the stitching...after I took this photo I washed it to see if it would help fade the lines but it didn't. I'm not sure what I'm going to do! Gerard says that Alece won't care and she'll love it even though it's not perfect and I know that's true, but still I hate seeing the black lines!!! I'm considering ripping out those stitches and doing something else to try and cover over the black lines.
***Update*** After posting I went and tried a few things to try and fix it and this is what I ended up doing. I added a little ruffled lace over the top! I think it looks a lot better and the stitching underneath is like shadow work giving it a nice pink hue. Plus it gives it more of a 3D effect. Now I can start on the silk ribbon embroidery!

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