Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring Challenge: Hummingbird

Here's my little hummingbird all stitched in. I don't think he turned out as well as I would have liked him too, but I still think he looks great anyway.
My fabric puckered a tad around him I need to go behind him and try to iron a little and see if that helps.
I stitched him in using 1 strand silk floss for both green colors in stem and outline stitch for outlining and filling him in, and his beak in 1 strand DMC floss in black. I also used a few lazy daisy stitches for his feet and the ruffled feathers near his feet. I added straight stitches in 4mm red silk ribbon with 3 red sequins at the edge, and added a black seed bead for his eye.


Sharon said...

Melissa the hummingbird is absolutely stunning!

sharonb said...

another sharon here waving as I wanted to say the humingbird is fantastic

Pat Winter said...

He is wonderful Melissa. Love the throat area.

annetteb said...

He's lovely, I saw him in your earlier posts glad to see him finished. Love the ribbon embroidered throat and sequins very creative. Annette

Candi Harris said...

WOW! :-) Wonderful!!!