Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spring Challenge: Almost Finished

I'm just having an awful time thinking of things to embellish this block, I don't normally have so much trouble! I have to admit I've been avoiding it and working on other projects, and if I didn't have a deadline that would be okay. I allow myself to have space to think on projects if I get stuck while working on something else if I need to, but with the deadline looming soon (15 May) I'm feeling pressure to work on it anyway.
Don't get me wrong I love how it's turning out! There's just those few spots that are being tough. I don't like the silk ribbon embroidery that is in the lower left and I need to tweak it with more vines and flowers. I don't like how it's so round. I'm also considering adding that heart charm and the 3 butterfly beads you see near it.
I'm finishing up the hummingbird still need to fill him in more, I'm using the stem/outline stitch as filling. I'm thinking of adding the pink butterfly to the spot above the last rose too.
In the upper right green lace I'm not sure that I need to add anything to that space. What do you think? Does that green lace area need embellishments?
Then in the lower right the pink area, that has given me lots of trouble but yesterday I finally liked the bow with the finding dangling from it. I'm also considering adding some silk ribbon embroidery flowers and vines coming from the end of the finding.
OH and I'm not sure if the little red patch in the upper left that has the pink embroidered butterfly needs something more like a few more butterflies somehow.

OK now that I've got out my thoughts I could use a few opinions! Hearing other's thoughts usually helps me and sparks my creativity!


Jo in NZ said...

OK, the seam to the left of the butterfly, between the pink and red, maybe a seam treatment with some bugle beads, will fill that space.
The doiley down the bottom balances the lace up the top, and I don't think the top lace needs any embellishment.
I would also add some SRE in the lower right corner, kinda curving around that charm.

Sorry if these read as "you should do", they are not meant to, just thoughts to get you started.

Melissa said...

I appreciate your thoughts Jo! I agree and I'm planning some viney SRE around the finding. OH and I didn't consider a seam treatment in that spot thank you I'm looking at it with new eyes!!!! I think I thought it was too small or something odd like that...funny huh!
And it's nice to hear you agree that the top lace doesn't need anything...needed some confirmation! LOL

coral-seas said...

Hi Melissa, I agree, the green lace is lovely enough as is but the pink doiley seems dominant to me, perhaps something to break up it's mass.

If you could do something to embolden the birds, without altering them, I think they would make a stronger focal point in the centre. Your stitching, as always, is lovely and I know you will find the right balance.


dawnkristine said...

so pretty!

Sharon said...

If you need a quick little fill in you could always tat a 4 ring butterfly. R7-3-3-3-3-7 R7+3-10 R10-3-7 R7+3-3-3-3-7 Tie and leave ends for antenae. Make the picots on the larger rings graduated to give a better effect.