Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Spring Challenge: Get moving!

The deadline for the Spring Challenge (15 May) is moving in quick and I need to get moving on this block! I've been stuck for the longest time! Trying to figure out how to embellish the last few spots on the block. It's been tough because normally I wouldn't worry about it and just set it aside until inspiration strikes, but because there is a deadline I can't do that.
I filled in more on this motif...it's still not finished it needs more stems and leaves around it. I don't really like how it's so round so I'm going to try and "fix" it somehow.
I finally got an idea for this upper area after taking quilting paper and doodling over the spot. I decided on a Melanie rose vine and a hummingbird sweetly sipping. So far I have the Melanie roses embroidered in and also adding on a 3rd row of 3 twisted stem stitch petals, they just looked like they needed and extra row to be more fully rose shaped. I also added a base with padded satin stitching and bullion knot sepals.
Here's a closer look.
Now I need to finish filling in this motif.

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