Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring Challenge: Finished!!!

Yeay I've finished! I'm so proud that I've finally finished a block for myself! And it's a big block too 11x11 inches! I plan on framing it for art in my home! In a way I look at this block and it makes me think of our home here in Georgia, we will be moving soon so I'll always have this block to remind me of memories of my garden and the Ruby Throated hummingbirds that visit. I also kept using butterflies as much as possible can you spot all of them? I've used several things as reoccurring themes like roses and hearts too.
You can click on the photos to see a closer view.
I added vines coming off the finding and curving around with little red seed beads in the vines. I also added a pink butterfly bead.
Around the embroidered butterfly I added little flowers that have pink colonial knots for petals and a tiny gold size 15 seed beads for centers. I also created a seam treatment of curving size 15 seed bead stems with a gold heart beads.
Once I got to a certain point I noticed I did need to add something to the green lace in the upper right after all so I added beads! Pink flower beads with size 15 gold seed beads in the center at each of the leaf repeats in the lace and green Czech fire polished beads in between.
I had also found the perfect butterfly bead to go in the empty spot above the Melanie Roses.
Here is the bouquet motif I had started but didn't like because it had been too round and tight. I tweaked it by adding more sweetheart roses around it being more loose with the placement so it's not so tightly round like it was and more like what I had in mind when I began creating the design. Then I added more stems and leaves and a gold heart charm. I added 4mm green bicone Swarovski crystals to the bouquet as well.
I also added 3 gold butterfly beads around the motif on the green velvet fabric.

This challenge was a good experience for me! It really pushed me to keep going and work past any difficulties I was having.


Anonymous said...

It's very beautiful, I love the hummingbird!
Jackie M.

Candi Harris said...

Oh Melissa what can I say??:) Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love being able to see your things as you go along. They're such an inspiration! Did u get your transfer??
HUGZ:) & lots of love,

Jo in NZ said...

Melissa, this block is gorgeous. Love the hummingird. I also like the added embellishment to the green lace...I would of added something too! lol

I did not know you didn't like spiders, evebn as CQ embellishment. Have you added this to your notebook? I will try to remember..

dawn draper said...

Melissa, congratulations for winning the Spring Challenge! Your block is absolutely stunning.

Gail said...

Melissa, your block is beautifully done, wonderful composition, color and fantastic needle work. Congratulations on your win!