Friday, May 18, 2007

Floral Belle

As you can see I started on the Floral Belle! I already picked my colors out and started stitching! I used the whipped backstitch for her skin, I had never used that stitch before and I like it it gives a more fine cord look than the stem stitch. For her eyes I made a 3 wrap french knot and a tiny fly stitch using 1 strand floss. Her hair is 2 strands floss and the blanket stitch. Her hat is a combo of stem stitch and blanket stitches using 1 strand floss. The top ruffle is stem stitched with 1 strand floss.
I also used a hoop the entire time and for the stem stitch I did it in the stab stitch method where you take the needle to the back and front in separate movements to create the stitch rather then the sewing method that has you do the stitch in one swoop.
On the middle of her skirt I used 3 and then 4 strands floss using the blanket stitch and straight stitches.

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