Wednesday, May 16, 2007

B-day Gift - New Project

When the kids were staying with us Alece would remind me constantly that her birthday was coming up on June 5th! Because she was so persistent about it I decided I better make something for her! LOL So since this pattern is going to be used in a Creativity Challenge (where we each embroider the same exact pattern in our own creative ways) I thought it would make a good duel purpose project...the perfect gift for Alece and embroidering the Challenge pattern.
I had an extra piece of pink flannel from a pillowcase that was cut down from king size to queen as an embroidered gift for my Mother-In-Law and I had saved the extra bit since it can easily be turned into a throw pillow! I took a "new" transfer tool I hadn't tried before and used it to create an iron on transfer of the pattern...and it worked! It would be nice if the pen could get a little more fine tipped but it's not a bad size! I wish I had tried this sooner! LOL It writes basically like a marker and then is ironed on just like any iron on transfer. I think I ironed a bit too much on the middle section but I think if I use thicker thread it should turn out all right. I also want to incorporate a little bit of Silk Ribbon Embroidery, but I'm unsure of how much because Alece is an active 6 year old turning 7 after all! LOL Also she loves pink so I'm going to go for shades of pink.


dawnkristine said...

pretty! She will love it!

librarylass said...

You and your kids have some lovely embroidery! And I think she will like the pretty lady!

Just have to add, what gorgeous children you have! Gorgeous AND enjoy embroidery!

Melissa said...

Oh they aren't my kids I don't have any but my 2 dogs! They are the neighbor kids we help out their Mom and watch them sometimes...I am so proud of them to learn embroidery though!